Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith has been a fulltime freelance artist for the past 30+ years with a broad range of experience from solo shows through to venue theming, murals and public art. He completed his formal arts studies at Queensland College of Art gaining a Degree in Fine Art. After many years working as a project artist he returned to fine art concentrating on commissions and marketing his work through retail art galleries on the Gold Coast. His experience has also encompassed many commissions for residential, corporate and public settings. He enjoys collaborating with clients in bringing their dream to fruition should they wish to commission artwork for a specific purpose, size or location. His preferred mode of working is developing different series of works, which, he states, allows him the flexibility and creative playfulness to explore techniques and styles appropriate to the content and subject matter at hand.

For our exhibition in 2024, Wayne contributed the artworks Fetch Time and Indy and Milo – Best Mates.

You can visit Wayne’s website, nativelightstudio.com, or follow him on Instagram.