Veronica Spittles

V started pyrography in 2016 as a way to cope with the trauma of her chronic illness diagnosis.

Pyrography is a very intentional art form, every line has to be thought about and can not be taken away without leaving a scar in the wood. It encourages mindful practices and because of this V was hooked and has dedicated the last 7 years to perfecting her art.

She’s been sharing her love of animals, bright colours and beautiful wood with thousands of people online, teaching them to express themselves and how to create wood art like she does.

V has always had a deep love for animals and feels more connected to them than most people. Art is a way to speak without words and V speaks to us through her animals.

Veronica had her artwork Golden Hour on display at out 2023 exhibition.

You can visit V’s website and follow her on her Facebook page and Instagram profile