Sabina HR Choi

I am based in Wollongong and have a Korean background. To me art is therapeutic. In 2001 I joined a local life drawing class in Melbourne after my first miscarriage. I have always been interested in figures. During the Covid period, I faced a hard time emotionally and physically so my art started exploring the inner side of my feelings. Using a calligraphy brush with ink, I release my emotions onto paper, observing and reconciling them with colours, which is inspired by Korean Buddhist nun dancing. My Ink drawing is influenced by Zen Art, in particular, Mu Qi’s “Six Persimmons”(13C) which is intuitive, concise and abstract. It is also related to when I learnt how to write Chinese characters for a few years in my youth, in Korea.

Fascinated by patterns, I use them to enrich my stories as well as to be myself pensive during the art making. My palette is limited, mainly primary colours, black and white with watercolour and acrylic which can make an elegant and simple look. Regarding subject matters, I am interested in women’s life, relationships, feelings and memories. With great admiration to Van Gogh, Georgia O’keeffe, Frida Kahlo and Louise Bourgeois, I always find endless inspiration from their works and life and they tend to solve my problems. As a member of IAVA (Illawarra Association for the Visual Arts) I have participated in many exhibitions in Wollongong and Sydney and various local and national art prizes.

Sabina contributed the artwork Joyful Life for our 2024 exhibition.

You can keep up with Sabina by following her on Instagram, @sabinahrchoiart.