Melinda Parbery

The philosophy behind my art is simple: create something beautiful – something that is totally unique and personal. It can be simple, or detailed, but it must be the trademark of a story. As a graphic designer in the Southern Highlands, I couldn’t hope for a more inspiring place to work from, each season is as breathtaking as the next. My personal work reflects my own story. I’ve always had a passion for photography and art, and after studying graphic design I followed another passion – dressage. Now, after years in professional equestrian management and performance horse training I’ve been able to re-focus on my love of design, combining influences from both worlds to create some very special imagery. Each and every one of us has a unique story to tell. Whether we use words or imagery (or a combination of both) to express ourselves, it is the story itself that represents something truly individual. The story becomes a distinctive trademark. It defines us and the qualities we express. As a graphic artist and designer, I’m entirely dedicated to reflecting that story and conserving its individuality…

As part of our 2024 exhibition, Melinda contributed her digital photographs Ferdinand and I See You.

You can keep up to date with Melinda through her website, or by following her on Instagram (@melinda_parbery_design) or Facebook (@MelindaParberyDesign).