Lynda Page-Bickley

I’m Lindy Lou, a proud Koori woman and artist whose creative repertoire spans various genres, with a primary focus on working with soft pastels and delving into the world of oils.

My artistic journey recently led me on an enriching eight-month pilgrimage across Australia, where I had the privilege of collaborating with fellow indigenous artists. Their stories, techniques, and passion have been a wellspring of information for my own creative expression. The impetus of the Voice to Parliament movement underscored the importance of indigenous voices in shaping solutions within their communities, catalysing my creation of 14 portrait images in soft pastels. These works were showcased at esteemed galleries on Gubbi Gubbi land, a place I’ve called home for over 3 decades.

My foray into the art world began after earning my BA degree in education with a major in visual arts in 1987. For over 30 years I dedicated myself as an art educator before embarking on a fulfilling journey of self-discovery through my own artistic endeavors. At the core of my practice lies a spiritual connection that transcends the physical realm with every stroke of the brush or pastel, I feel a profound connection to my heart and ancestors, guiding my hand in an intuitive dance of creation. My art is a manifestation of my heritage and personal journey, with the landscape serving as a conduit for ancestral voices to speak through me. As I readjust to life at home I eagerly anticipate diving back into my creative sanctuary where I continue to shape stories and evoke emotions through my art.

Lynda contributed the artwork Reflection of the Soul for our 2024 exhibition.

You can check out more of Lynda’s work by visiting her Instagram profile, @lyndi_lou_artist.