Jodi Casey

By constructing anatomies of recycled materials, Jodi Casey creates striking sculptures that characterise the iconic imagery and animalia native to her residency on the Sunshine Coast.

Cleverly and imaginatively symbolising a duality of her internal and external landscapes, her works are initiated by a sourced image of her subject, representative of the personal perspective and facet she wishes to portray. Her creative process is truly inaugurated upon the selection of locally sourced, off-cut timber she makes central to the structure.

The appointed timber, and the method in which it is dried and prepared, is pivotal to the work’s frame and form, as well as its colourised and textural appearance. The wood’s final exterior is frequently evocative of the rich and earthly terrain her subjects occupy and inhabit. Whilst additional support mechanisms are constructed out of supplementary timber and reconstituted metal, the body is assembled from a range of vintage jewellery, oxidize metal and discarded implements, supplied from Jodi’s extensive and ever-expanding collection. What results are depictions of beauty and enchantment, as delicate as they are enduring.

Jodi contributed the piece The Paddock with the Apple Tree for our 2023 event.

You can visit Jodi’s website or follow her on her Facebook page.