Jo Hawkins

Most of my art is commissioned animal and people portraits from photos using acrylic paint and sometimes watercolour, pencils or digital art. An interesting subject always helps make the process easier. I use Photoshop and Procreate to enhance the photo when required and paint from this as reference. I find that no matter who or what I am painting, I am inspired by each subject’s unique beauty. Being self taught, every day is a new adventure for developing my skills and style.

Jo Hawkins only recently began her artistic adventure after a full time career as a graphic designer. Self taught apart from the occasional art class or workshop, she sees inspiration in the beauty of animal and humans and sometimes in nature, which she likes to bring to life using predominantly acrylic paint. Jo’s work is mainly commissioned pieces which have gone to private collections in Australia, the USA and the Middle East. She has only just began putting work into public galleries. Jo has been featured in “I Am” Magazine, participated with 2 sketchbooks in “The Sketchbook Project” which is part of the the Brooklyn, New York, Library of Art. Her sketchbooks are in the lending library and digital library. She has also participated in group collections/exhibitions in the local Sunshine Coast area.

For our 2024 exhibition, Jo contributed the painting Unconditional.

You can keep up to date with Jo by following her on her Facebook or Instagram profiles.