Jarrod Wendt

Jarrod is a painter and ceramicist who has an exceptional eye for detail which he uses to create hyper-realistic paintings. His painting practice explores a range of imagery including animals, plants and intricate patterns which display an immense amount of detail. Jarrod also has a natural talent with digital illustrating and a great initiative when it comes to creating original and unique artistic designs.

Jarrod is part of Endeavour Foundation’s QArt project. QArt Gallery operates as an Australian Disability Enterprise which provides employment, mentoring and training for professional artists with intellectual and physical disabilities. The employment and recognition afforded to the artists gives them a sense of pride in who they are and what they do and an identity in the community.

For our 2023 exhibition, Jarrod contributed the artwork Innocence of Beauty.

You can see more of Jarrod’s work and learn about QArt here. You can also follow QArt on their Facebook page and Instagram profile.