Gabriela Thiecke

Gabriela is a retired naturopath and self-taught coloured pencil and pastel artist in North Lakes, Moreton Bay Region. She has won several awards for her coloured pencil art and has had her work published in the prestigious CP Treasures, as well as in Hidden Treasures, both magazines showcasing works in coloured pencil, published by Ann Kullberg. She has also exhibited at various galleries – from the UK (the Derwent Pencil Museum) to galleries in Queensland, and has been pre-selected for the second year for the John Villiers Outback Art Prize exhibition at the Matilda Centre’s art gallery.

For our event in 2024, Gabriela contributed the drawings Thanks for the Treat and The Guardian.

You can keep up with Gabirela by following her on Facebook, @GabrielasColoredPencilArt.