Danielle Latta

Danielle is an award winning artist with work exhibited world wide, with well over a 1300 sales since 2016. Her illustrations have a little bit of cheeky Aussie humour, a touch of whimsy and a hint of cartoon from her years drawing for Walt Disney. Being raised with wild animals (her mother was a wildlife carer) she began drawing and painting animals at an early age. This is where she learned not only of compassion and a love for animals but also the connection between the animals we surround ourselves with. Drawing subject matter from her surroundings, Danielle’s ink works capture the special moments from everyday life, the connections between animals and humans, and her love of wildlife. It’s a romance with the things you love and the feelings they evoke, brought to life in unique one-of-a-kind artworks. Crazy. Funny. Beautiful. For that light-hearted place in your soul just when you need it.

For our exhibition in 2024, Danielle contributed the artworks Me, My Friends and I and Walkies with my Mate.

Make sure to check out Danielle’s website, rds.ink, as well as her both her Facebook page and Instagram profile.