Clare Hooper

Based in Drummoyne, NSW, Clare Hooper creates imaginative and vibrant works influenced by her surroundings and love for animals. Creating paintings and card ranges she has completed courses at the Art Gallery of NSW, Botanical Gardens, and Art Est. In 2015 and 2016, she studied at the Sydney College of Arts and explored etching, printmaking, and sculpture. Hooper’s art making is diverse and inclusive and has been exhibited at various festivals, institutions and cultural events including Royal Easter Show, Lloyd Rees Youth Memorial Awards, Verge Gallery, Blooming Arts Exhibition, and the Lane Cove Art Award Exhibition.

She finds joy in the creative process, using different materials and techniques to bring her ideas to life. She explores a wide range of ideas, always seeking the best approach to express her artistic vision.

For our 2024 event, Clare donated the painting Party Leaders Said Puppy’s Joyful.